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 I found LG construction on line and gave them a call and explained my situation. When they showed up they meant business and work they did. It was a pleasurable experience updated communications, an honest 8hr a day work, treated us like our project was the most important project, respected our home and treated us as they say the customer is always right. My wife and I are proud to show off our new bathroom. So if you want a professional job, being treated  with respect and dignity call LG  Construction.


I really didn't want to share this company because I want them all to myself because they are that good. They have been so responsive, good communication, competitive pricing, and the quality is perfect. They are so nice and very hard workers. They follow their timeline and pricing, no surprises. They have done my personal house and many of my clients.


My wife and I live in a small condo and the 40-year old shower stall had to be replaced completely.  LG Construction gave us the best price and excellent workmanship even though it was a small job.  We love our new modern tiled shower and thank LG Construction for always being professional, on-time and for their hard work.  Job well done ! Definitely recommend them and we will be using them when we remodel the master bathroom !


I saw the work they did for our friends and was impressed with their work ethic.  We hired them for a much smaller job but was extremely pleased with them from beginning to end.  The staff member that coordinated the job was excellent as well.  Communication with us throughout was timely, their pricing was fair, they work neat and clean in a most expedient way and in the end, we are very happy!



We've gone with LG Construction not once, but twice now and we've been extremely pleased with the work they have done.   Our first project was a complete kitchen, bathroom, and living room renovation.  At first when we received the quote we thought there must have been a mistake (it seemed like it was way too cheap) however we confirmed the price and the work started.  They worked very fast and hard and the work they produced was perfect.  We were so happy with the final product that we decided to go with them again, this time another family house, renovating the 1.5 bathrooms in the house. Once again the final product was better than anything that we could have imagined, so much so that the bathrooms have become our favorite room in the entire house.   We are so happy we discovered LG Construction and had the opportunity to work with them and cant wait for future projects.

I had renovated my house with LG Construction. They are very professional and customer oriented. They reviewed all the work that they will need to do, and gave the appropriate costs  involved and how long it will take. Save me a lot of time and money!  Anyone who needs house renovation or construction works, should contact them !

 I hired LG Constructions to renovate a 2-bed 2-bath apartment. The entire process was headache- and worry-free.
--Clear communication
They listened to my plans, ideas, and expectations, and carried them through during renovation. If there was any concern, they explained clearly to set the right expectation. There was no work that needed to be redone upon completion; there was no confusion about pricing; no surprises in general.
--Meeting deadline
  This was important because my move-in date was set based on the renovation completion date they provided. During renovation, I found more work that I would like done. In addition to put in hard work to complete the work agreed in the contract as scheduled, they hired extra help to get the extra work done before my move-in date as well.
--Quality work
The biggest part of the project was the complete renovation of the two bathrooms. They came out exactly as what I expected, if not better, from the overall look down to the color of the tile gap filler. 
--Great customer service
They treated all projects, big or small, with the same attention and care while being non-pushy. They were also courteous and respectful.


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